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How can I be placed at Yeditepe University?
The student placement at our university is done through a central placement  system called OSYS, regulated by OSYM as in other universities. The quotas annually suggested by the university and approved by YOK are included in the OSYS guide of the relevant  year, together with the requirements.


Are there any departments admitting students through Special Talent Exams?
Except for the Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts, all departments at the Department of Fine Arts admit students through special talent tests. To be able to take the talent test, the student’s YGS score must be 150.000 and above in any one of the YGS score types. For students who are going to take the special talent test, preregistration is compulsory within dates to be announced in July.


How long is the period of education at Yeditepe University?
There are not any two-year-associate programs at the University. All the undergraduate programs continue for 4 years,except for Medicine (6), Dentistry (5) and Pharmacy (5).


What OSYM score-types are valid at Yeditepe University?
All programs accept students based on LYS score types(MF – TM – TS – DİL), except for the departments of  Computer and Instructional Technologies Education (YGS-1) and  Custom Administration (YGS-6)


How can I benefit from additional placement?
Students are admitted to the university through additional placement system if there are vacancies in the quotas after registrations.


Can I study at the university through vertical transfer?
The university admits students via vertical transfer. You can get information on the quotas and scores from the Vertical Transfer Guide published by OSYM in July every year.


Is it possible to do lateral transfer within the university?
Internal lateral transfers can be made to any undergraduate program within the university provided the applicant meets the requirements. Lateral transfers are not allowed during the first and last two semesters. To be able to apply for lateral transfer, central placement score of the student which is valid for the score type of the program he/she wishes to be transferred, must not be lower than the lowest undergraduate programs of Universities he wants to be transferred  within the country.


How long is the period of study at lateral transfer?
The time spent on study other than the language preparatory class prior to lateral transfer is included to the period of study. Thus, for a student who transfers from a four year undergraduate program to another four year undergraduate program, total period of study in two programs cannot be longer than seven years. For five or six year programs, this period is determined as eight and  nine years respectively.


Is it possible to be transferred to programs which require special talent test?
In internal  transfers to programs that admit students through special talent  test and inter-institutional transfers based on GPA , students are required to have taken special talent  test in addition to all other requirements.


Will my scholarship continue to be eligible after an intra (within-institution) transfer?
The decision whether the student's scholarship will continue is taken by the Board of Trustees based on the student's academic achievement.


What are the terms of application for intra-transfer? 
Available intra-transfer quotas for each relevant year will be announced on university website. Students who are willing to apply should submit Yeditepe University Internal Transfer Application Form to Directorate of Student Affairs within announced time frame. Students who are willing apply for internal transfer should complete at least two semesters or one full year of their programs prior to their applications (preparatory year is not included). Students who have taken a leave of absence can still apply for transfer.


How is inter transfer (between institutions) done?
Inter-transfer based on GPA is done in between same-level undergraduate programs of higher education institutions (programs that have the same names or have at least 80% common content) according to the quota limits announced by Council of Higher Education. Transfers cannot be made during the first two and the last two semesters of undergraduate programs. The applicant is expected to have a minimum GPA of 60 over 100 (1,5 over 4,00). For foreign transfer applications, the foreign university and the program students are enrolled to should be recognized by the Council of Higher Education and the equivalence between two programs should be accepted by Turkish university students wish to apply. Time spent in the program prior to the transfer (except for the preparatory class) will be added to the study period. In this context, a student who got transferred from a 4-year program to another 4-year program cannot exceed the study period of 7 years combined. For 5-year and 6-year programs total study periods cannot exceed 9 years. Students who are willing to submit a transfer application to a program with special talent test should pass this test in addition to meeting all the other conditions.


What are the conditions of external transfer?
Transfer quotas of higher education institutions and application and assessment dates are announced by Council of Higher Education on their website. Upon announcement of quotas, candidates must submit Yeditepe University External Transfer Application Form to Directorate of Student Affairs. Students must have a grade average of at least 60 out of 100 as of their application. (GPA must be 1.50 out of 4.00 or equivalent according to the ruling no. 2006/2-2 (2) of University Senate dated February 16, 2006) Candidates with a GPA of at least 1.50 must not have any failed (F) classes. [This condition is not necessary for (i) students with a GPA of at least 2.00, (ii) students applying from foreign higher education institutions and have enough central placement score for the desired program. Applications mentioned in part (ii) will be assessed apart from foreign transfer quota according to senate rules.]

Turkish or TRNC citizens who want to make a transfer from an equivalent foreign higher education institution recognized by Council of Higher Education to Turkish universities should have enough central placement score for desired programs in related years. Or they should have one of the following: SAT 1 score of at least 1000, ACT score of at least 21, Abitur, French Baccalaureate, International Baccalaureate and GCE A Level certificate (at least two classes), Austria Matura Diploma (Matura Reifezeugnis), Italy Maturita (Diploma di Maturita).  Applications of students who have a gap of more than one semester between the time of their application and their last registered semester, or students who have been dismissed due to a disciplinary penalty will not be accepted. Taking a leave of absence is not an obstruction for transfer. If above mentioned conditions are met and there are sufficient number of applications, reserve candidate spots as much as primary candidate spots will be made available. If primary candidates do not submit their applications within the given time frame, reserve candidates will be called. Candidates who do not meet the above mentioned conditions but have equal or higher central placement scores of their desired programs can still apply for a transfer.  These candidates will be called if there are any spots left after the admissions of students who meet the conditions.

For students with parents who are government officials and returning after the completion of their duties or workers and returning permanently, completion of at least one full year of study (except for preparatory class) without any failed grade will be enough for transfer application. Relevant boards of the university will assess such applications apart from the quota.

Applications of the children of foreign service officers will be assessed by university board apart from the quota. An adaptation program is created for each accepted applicant. Foreign students applying from foreign countries that are determined by the Council of Higher Education will be assessed apart from the quota of overseas transfer.


How is foreign language assessment made during inter-transfers (between institutions)?
Along with meeting the above-mentioned conditions, transfer candidates should prove their foreign language proficiency. In order to prove their English proficiency, candidates should

  • succeed in TOEFL (computer based total 213, paper based total 550, Internet based total 79) or IELTS (average of 6,5 with minimum reading score of 6) within last 2 years or
  • they should pass the Proficiency Test held by Yeditepe University Foreign Languages School.Proficiency conditions for programs taught in German and French are set separately.


Does the university offer the chance to have the recently introduced Lateral Transfer based on OSYM Placement Score?

Yeditepe University gives its students the opportunity to have three ways of lateral transfer Intra-Transfer (Within the Institution), Inter-Transfer  Based  on  GPA  (Between  Institutions),  and Transfer  Based  on  the  OSYM  Placement Score.

  • In the applications for Undergraduate Transfer Based on Central Placement Scores, the score the student received by the year he had the central test and placed should be at least equal or more to the lowest score of the department at Yeditepe University that the transfer is requested.
  • Transfer based on Central Placement Scores between programmes  is not possible for departments which accept students according to Special Skills Exam results. 
  • T.C. and KKTC students who did not enrol in a program based on their OSYS scores, and those who got enrolled at a program abroad by their own means without submitting a preference to OSYM cannot  apply for transfer based on their placement scores.
  • Transfer based on Central Placement Scores can be done to preparatory courses of the departments and undergraduate programs including the last year on the condition that the student is registered to YOK before 2016-2017 academic year. 
  • The right to transfer based on Central Placement Score is given to each applicant only once. However, the transferred student also has the right to go back to the initial program in the following terms. 

The time spent except the preparatory class before the transfer is included in the period of education. 


Can I be a guest student in your university?
Provided that you are either a student in a higher education institution or a graduate from one, you can be a guest student and can attend classes with “Guest Student” status.  Guest student admissions are processed according to the relevant regulations of Council of Higher Education. Guest students will be given a document containing the classes they have taken and their respective scores. Guest students will not receive a diploma. Students will not be able to benefit from their student rights during their guest status.


Are there any additional rights entitled to foreign students?
Admissions to programs are regulated according to the legislation of Council of Higher Education as well as the quotas and rules decided by the Senate.


What is the medium of instruction in Yeditepe?
Medium of instruction in Yeditepe is English. We have two programs with different mediums of instruction. These programs are International Business Administration in German, and one of the Political Science and International Relations Programs in French (the same program is taught also in English).


Do you have any double degree programs? 
There is a joint undergraduate program of Business Administration (English) with Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and North Carolina Wilmington Universitesi (UNCW).


How can I take a leave of absence?
Students can apply for a leave of absence provided that they file an excuse due to reasons such as health issues, financial issues, military obligations, or other contingencies. Leave of absence is processed after re-registration. Newly enrolled students can take a leave of absence only after they finalise their enrollment processes.


Is summer school mandatory?
Summer school is not mandatory. Summer school is provided in order for the students to complete their degrees and begin their work life faster. Students who are granted 100% scholarship do not pay for summer school. Students who are granted 50% scholarship would have to pay 50% of the summer school fee and students with 25% scholarship would have to pay 75% of summer school fee. Students with no scholarships would have to pay for each class they wish to take during summer school.


How can I do a Double Major (CAP) or Minor (Yan Dal) at Yeditepe University?

The  University  provides  students  with  the  opportunity  of  getting  a  second  undergraduate  degree (double  major)  or  gaining  knowledge  at  a  certain  field   (minor  program)  as  a  student  at  a  different program in addition to their undergraduate programs. Students  who meet the requirements  and wish to pursue a double major (CAP),  can  apply to the dean's office at the concerned faculty  in their third term earliest, and in their fifth term the latest. The application period for the students who wish to do a minor is not earlier than their third term. To apply for a double major program, the applicant is required to have a GPA of 3 out of 4. To qualify  to  become  a  double  major  student  with  scholarship,  a  GPA  of  3,5  out  of  4  is  required. For scholarship at a minor program a GPA of 3.25 is required. To apply for a minor, the minimum GPA should be 2,5; while the scholarship application requires 3,25.

 For double major and minor programs, a protocol regarding the additional courses the student has to take  and  accreditation  between  the  two  departments  should  be  signed  between  the  concerned departments  and  approved  by  the  senate.  Further  information  about  Double  Major  and  Minor Programs can be found in Yeditepe University Rules and Regulations for Education at Associate and Undergraduate Degrees, a document published at the university website.  The  student  can  drop  out  of  the  Double  Major  (ÇAP)  or  Minor  program  at  his/her  own  request  or  in accordance with the conditions stated in the undergraduate regulations. The student does not have to repeat the courses in the double major /minor program upon leaving the program. The  student  who  completes  the  double  major  (ÇAP)  program  and  acquires  the  right  to  graduate  is given a second major diploma. If the student completes a minor program, a certificate is given.  The  student  who  completes  the  main  major  program  but  not  yet  completed  all  the  courses  in  the double  major  program  is  given  the  right  to  complete  the second  major  program  until  the  end  of  the term stated in the regulations.


Do you have ERASMUS and student exchange programs?
We have ERASMUS and student exchange with universities outside of Europe. With various agreements and protocols we are in collaboration with 403 universities and 722 programs. Countries we have exchange agreements include USA, Canada, China, Russia, and various European countries.  We are the first Turkish private university to complete the European Universities Association Institutional Evaluation Programme.


Opportunity of masters degree...
Top 3 graduating students from each undergraduate degrees will be awarded with 100%, 50%, and 25% scholarships respectively for masters degrees.


Financial support for IB, Matura, Maturita, and French Baccalaureate
If students with International Baccalaureate grade of 32 or higher, ABITUR grade of 2.0 or higher, MATURA grade of 2.0 or higher, MATURITA grade of 80 or higher, French Baccalaureate grade of at least 14 (French Baccalaureate equivalent Turkish High School with a grade of at least 70), place Yeditepe University within their first 5 choices in university preferences, they will receive a 25% scholarship.  


Do you provide on-campus housing?
Housing options are available on our campus with 4250 bedspaces. Applications for housing are submitted each semester - Fall, Spring, and Summer Semesters.

In women’s dormitory single rooms and double rooms are available. In men’s dormitory single rooms, double rooms, triple rooms, and quadruple rooms are available. In the basement of each dormitory there is a laundry & ironing room. Rooms are cleaned every other day, sheets and towels are changed weekly.

Rooms include mini fridge, internal telephone, desk, chair, bookcase with glass shelf, mirrored wardrobe, wired Internet connection, and hot water.

Students can enjoy Information Center Services free of charge. In Social Facilities building additional fees are applied for restaurant, indoor/outdoor swimming pools, fitness center, and squash court.


Do you have student clubs?
We have 44 active student clubs.                                          


Do you have Masters or PhD programs?
We have 74 masters and  33 PhD programs in Institute of Natural And Applied Sciences, Institute of Educational Sciences, Institute of Health Sciences, Institute of Ataturk Principles and Revolution History, Institute of Biotechnology, and Institute of Social Sciences. (For more information please visithttp://yeditepe.edu.tr/ogrenim/lisans-ustu.)